Volume V

Volume V of Veraison will be our last printed issue. Responding to the prompt, ‘What’s it like eating and drinking in Melbourne?’, we start this volume with a visual essay, poem and fiction short story. We then get into some essays about the natural vs. conventional wine binary, the cost of wine, fermentation, flavour, bain-maries and AI. Flick a few more pages and read about wine pairings, the supper clubs of Melbourne and how to be a good host. Put it all into practice with the some inspiration for dinner party ideas, playlists and stack of questions for conversations. This issue includes a complimentary copy of Veraison’s Good Wine Bar Archive, our very own resource to help you choose where to drink your next glass of wine (and eat a little snack). 

Veraison’s Good Wine Bar Archive

Veraison’s Good Wine Bar Archive is our very own resource to help you choose where to drink your next glass of wine (and eat a little snack). It consists of 50 or so places from your friends, who are in love with a wine bar (whatever the hell that is), and who want you to go there because they love going there.

This archive is organised into the elements of the zodiac because what better way to categorise something so nebulous and so important as a vibe than with Astrology – the ultimate study of vibes. From there, it’s distance organised by distance from Edinburgh Gardens, Melbourne’s true centre.

Volume IV

Volume IV of Veraison is a mixed bag of fun and insightful articles. We start this volume with a guide to Melbourne CBD’s best date venues in the form of a Choose Your Own Adventure page turner, before moving onto long form essays covering accountability within food media, the cultural significance of Filipino coconut wine, wine branding and the future of place under climate change. We then explore the rise of piquette, take a different angle to wine tasting, and chat chicken and chardonnay. We also play around with the intersection of art and agriculture before getting into attachment styles. With picnic season around the corner, what a better way to finish the volume than with recipes and music to bring along to your next park sesh. Happy reading!

Volume III

Volume III of Veraison has been created entirely by people of diverse backgrounds within the wine community. Here, we reflect on our experiences and challenge the conventions of wine which have historically made wine exclusive. The volume opens with visual essays about exotic fruits, community and racism. We then speak to Jess and Paul of Blackhearts & Sparrows about their heritage and the origins of their wine journey. The politics of Asian flush is discussed. The Chinese wine industry as well as the US wine landscape are explored through historical lenses. In this issue, we challenge the Eurocentric nature of wine tasting and celebrate the diversity of palates through our blindfolded tastings.

As always, Volume III concludes with recipes and playlists by wonderful humans in Melbourne. We’re really excited to be opening the much needed conversation of diversity in wine.

Volume II

Volume II of Veraison starts off with an in-depth exploration of the narratives around sulfur and hangovers from a biochemical lens. The magazine then moves to critically discussing the prejudices towards sweet wines and its foundations in history and gender constructions. We interview Lyndon Kubis and his journey to becoming a wine wizard and building his business. Young people's experiences in the industry are then explored in essay form, providing an intimate invitation into the world of wine.

Blindfolded tasting returns for this volume where we talk about what factors contribute to the price and quality of a wine. Throughout, there are fun infographics which educates readers on flavours of wine, and how pet nat is made. Volume II concludes with recipes from Melbourne’s finest young cooks and playlists curated by wonderful artists who have all been inspired by the season of spring.

Volume I

Volume I of Veraison covers education surrounding wine and how a simple conversation is often the best starting point. Assisting you at your next dinner party, we explore what is a natty? Followed by a wine glossary that explains what’s going on in your mouth and glass. The supremely talented Sophie Viet-Jacobsen has illustrated just how wine is made, albeit rudimentarily. We then spoke with Mac Forbes about the influence of a vineyards geography on wine.

Learn about what that biodynamic label means through a conversation with a winemaker, a teacher and a farmer. Breakdown your own misconceptions about colour in wine through reading our blindfold experiment on Rosé. Hear from Mike Bennie, all-round wine guru, on taste and subjectivity in wine. See what films of 2020 are best paired with some fermented beverages. Get intel on where to go for BYO when in Melbourne. Volume I concludes with recipes from Melbourne’s finest young cooks and playlists curated by wonderful artists who have all been inspired by the long lunch.


Blackhearts & Sparrows

Various Locations

Books for Cooks

Queen Victoria Market, 115-121 Victoria St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Diggin’ In The Cellars

Various Locations

Happy Valley

294 Smith St
Collingwood VIC 3066


Shop 2/1-5 Errol St
North Melbourne VIC 3051

Minim Wine

Shed 10/9 Walker St
Castlemaine VIC 3450

Natural Science Wine and Liquor

9a Salisbury Ave
Blackburn VIC 3130

Half Moon Wine Store

3/28 Brereton St
South Brisbane QLD 4101

Scrumptious Reads

92 Arthur Terrace
Red Hill QLD 4059

Luna Wine Store

Shop 2/140-142 Jonson St
Byron Bay NSW 2481


2 Heeley St
Paddington NSW 2021

Public Wine Shop

179 St Georges Rd
Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Brunswick Bound

361 Sydney Rd
Brunswick VIC 3056


264/270 Railway Parade
West Leederville WA 6007





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Veraison is largely created on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, whose connection to land is far deeper and far more historic than ours.